Multimedia showroom

Events & Streaming

Our space is an unconventional showroom and a state-of-the-art multimedia and multifunctional facility. It serves as a meeting place for us and a platform to showcase our wide range of capabilities. Equipped with the latest technology, our brand-new studio offers endless possibilities that will amaze you.

Our multimedia showroom is perfect for various events, such as conferences, video shoots, advertisements, TV spots, concerts, and DJ performances. We also have a post-production team to work on recorded videos, or we can transform the showroom into a live online streaming studio, for which we have received prestigious international awards.

Online streaming has become popular, and we have leveraged our showroom’s versatile configurations to offer it as a broadcasting studio. We are thrilled to add this to our services, making our showroom the go-to destination for various multimedia needs.

  • European Researchers’ Night 2020,
    Bratislava Slovakia

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